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Econvert Water & Energy

Econvert's reactors are designed for the anaerobic treatment of industrial waste water. Because of the unique settling systems the reactors are able to handle a large variation and different concentrations of wastewater. Because of our lean and mean designing, anaerobic technology is now available to large numbers of industries. Therefore, wastewater becomes a valuable source of energy, in a world where energy becomes more and more scarce.Econvert Water & Energy is an ideal partner for companies active in food, paper, beer, beverage, chemicals and flavours and fragrances.


UASB Reactor
Econvert-UASB® - The old school solution. Proven for decades and never fully replaced. The robust configuration enables the handling of large varieties of wastewater in both volume and composition.
UASB explained Econvert
  • Balanced influent feed system for even distribution of wastewater
  • Sludge extraction system for removing heavy sludge
  • Modular three-phase separators for effective separation of solids, gas, and treated wastewater
  • Biogas collection in gas hoods, connected to your biogas valorization system
  • Top deck made of UV-stabilized PPC material
  • Also in completely gas-tight option to prevent from odor nuisance
Anaerobic Treatment Econvert


EGSB Reactor
Econvert-UASB® - The optimized compromise. Combining a small footprint with few internals. The unique settling system of the reactor has proven to retain solids also in high flow.
EGSB explained Econvert
  • Intense mixing of influent and external recirculation resulting in optimum COD concentrations
  • Adjustable up-flow velocity to adapt to specific circumstances
  • Multiple influent lines that can be adjusted individually: congestion control
  • Completely gas-tight systems: no odor nuisance
  • Biogas is collected in the head space of the reactor and forwarded for valorization
  • Patented three-phase separators designed for handling high water flows
EGSB Reactor Econvert


EGSB Reactor
Econvert-IR® - The high performer. Designed to create the ideal process conditions. The two-stage settling system enables internal recirculation. Due to this high COD concentrations can be treated and optimum biological conditions are secured.
IR explained Econvert
  • Internal and external recirculation provide optimum dilution
  • Patented mixing chambers avoid overloading of the bacteria
  • Better influent distribution through the optimization aerobic stage patented influent system
  • Heavy sludge discharge points to prevent clogging
  • Polishing section between the upper and lower settling stage
  • Able to deal with high calcium concentrations
  • Available both as open top or completely gas-tight
IR Reactor Econvert


Dsulph Reactor
Econvert-Dsulph® - The perfect blend of biology and chemistry. Biogas typically contains H2S, a component harmful to you and your equipment. This desulphurization unit combines the chemical absorption of H2S in the scrubber with the biological recovery of elemental sulphur in the bioreactor.
  • H2S removal rates of over 99% can be achieved
  • Low operational costs due to regeneration of alkalinity in the bioreactor
  • Production of high grade elemental sulphur
  • No oxygen or nitrogen is added, therefore the biogas quality is maintained
  • Low risk on clogging in scrubber, as no biological activity takes place there
Other biogas treatment products
Biogas buffers for stabilizing pressure and/or storing biogas
Emergency flares and high temperature flares for safe excess gas treatment
Increasing pressure by means of side channel or roots blowers
Biogas cooling/drying for lowering the dew point
Dsulph Reactor Econvert


Small scale treatment
Econvert-ECO® - Econvert ECO - Designed to put you in control. As we dream of giving everyone the option to control their own ecological footprint, we provide small scale installations that still pay off. Fully automated and with low maintenance need, because we know wastewater is not your primary focus. If your COD-load is well below 3,500 kg/day, don't hesitate to ask for the options.
anaerobic treatment Econvert
Investing all your resources in production growth. Don't want to put downstream equipment on your balance sheet? But still facing discharge costs that can be avoided? Renting our ECO-installations could be the perfect solution for you. Not only do we provide the equipment, we can also assist you in the daily operation.
IR Reactor Econvert
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