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Akgirişim offers design & built contracting services for wastewater treatment plants of major cities and municipalities, as well as industrial wastewater treatment.

Akgirişim environmental technologies business model includes EPC Contractor, PPP, BOT, O&M and can offer financing for select projects.
Completed Projects

Industrial Zone Joint Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

  • WWTP serves leading companies (Aksa, Dow-Aksa, Akkim) production facilities in Yalova in Turkey and designed to meet the most stringest discharge standards of Turkish Water Pollution Control Legislation for mixed industrial facilities.

  • WWTP treats industrial wastewater of chemical & textile production plants with domestic waste water.

    Design capacity: 15.000 m3/day

  • There are two phases:

    First phase: Chemical treatment, biological oxidation with nitrification & denitrification, sludge dewatering, drying and disposal. The plant has been in operation since April 2015.
    Second phase: Recovery of WWTP effluent with membrane technology.
  • Akgirişim’s responsibility: Design, build and operate.

    Reliable & robust design and operational experience gained from existing facilities on site.
    Continuous monitoring and early warning system with scada at waste water sources integrated with emergency procedures & communication.
    Building interactivity with production facilities and WWTP based on industrial practices of each facility.

Project Views
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